Are we obsessed with online marketing?

Are you like many businesses who obsess about their website, it’s search engine rankings and how many visitors a day you get?

Believe me you are not alone, and I am probably one of the worst when it comes to this twenty first century phenomenon. But there are a whole host of other ways to drive people to your website and generate income for your business. Think back. No a little bit further than that. You know, to those days when people didn’t know about pay-per-click, or those horrible terms ‘keywords’ or ‘meta-tags’.

Yes I am talking about good old fashioned marketing methods such as the promotional flyer, or the newspaper advert – or perhaps even a printed brochure on beautiful paper with that gorgeous freshly printed smell. Now I know I am not alone in pining for those days of receiving a beautifully designed printed brochure through the post, all packaged up and ready for you to leaf through, with a cup of tea in one hand and some chocolate hob-nobs next to you (you can leave the hob-nobs out if that’s a step to far).

I found a great web-page here that shows some of the more ‘traditional marketing methods’ that businesses now seem to think of as almost an afterthought. You can argue that focusing on your website is the most important part of your business, after all, everybody initially searches online don’t they? Well no. Alot of people still like to find things the old fashioned way, and as a counter-argument, what happens if Google releases another update similar to Penguin and your website bombs out of sight for 6 months whilst you frantically try and recover its SERP.

I always recommend any client to use the full number of tools at their disposal when it comes to promoting their business. You can get 5000 A4 flyers printed for about £70, Business stationery for £150 and newspaper adverts aren’t necessarily as expensive as they once were. Even they have suffered in this economic climate. So give it a go, get a brochure printed, leave it with clients, drop some leaflets, and ensure you leave a professional business card. Surely that’s more personal than looking at anonymous visitors on Analytics? A quick chat, a shake of the hand and the human touch. Perhaps that is what we are all missing?

Take a read and let me know what you think.


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