best web hosting for small businesses

Best web hosting for small businesses

Over many years of creating websites for small businesses one question always pops up from the client. Who offers the best web hosting for small businesses?

We have hosted websites on just about all the major web hosting platforms, from GoDaddy, 123-reg, Fasthosts, 1&1 and many many more and there is one standout hosting company that you should be the first to consider. To discover our recommendation read on.

For the majority of small businesses making their choice of who to host their website with is very often the last thing they consider. They have had a logo designed, their business stationery, are well underway with getting a website designed and then, 2 days before they want to launch, comes the question – Who offers the best web hosting for small businesses?

For us there is only one answer, and that is Vidahost.

There are a few simple factors that should be considered when making this choice.

Website Support.

To us, this should be your first consideration. You can liken it to insurance – You hope you will never need it, but if you do then you want to be certain you have got the best cover possible. All of the main providers offer a ticket support system, and all offer telephone support but none of the major players truly feel as if it is a major concern to them. Except one. Vida host offer support from 9am until midnight and we can honestly say they have been the most helpful, efficient and dedicated support team we have ever encountered.

One of the greatest problems small business owners encounter is that their time is precious. You do not want to sit on the phone, on a crackly line to an offshore support line, that charges premium rates and then tells you what to do. Most people do not understand how to change the DNS, set up a new email account, implement caching or database problems and Vidahost understand this.

If you take out one of their more premium hosting services such as a Virtual Dedicated Server, you have a management team who will take all your request and do them for you. If you want to move a website, even a WordPress site that has databases and CDN’s installed, they will do all of this for you with their unrivalled Migration Service. Trust us, give them a call and you will be pleasantly surprised at the customer service you receive. This should not be a shock, but sadly when most hosting companies do not do this, it is.

Server Speed.

As you would expect there is not a lot between many of the web hosting companies. All of them have excellent servers, perfectly suited for low traffic websites and Vidahost are no different. We have installed some seriously code heavy WordPress websites, which are notoriously heavy on the servers, and on testing them with Googles Speed Test often come out better than on similar priced alternatives.

Their cloud hosting is unparalleled in my opinion, and when this starts from only £2.99 a month that is a huge achievement.

Website Hosting Costs

If everyone was truly honest this is the one that really counts for small businesses isn’t it.

You could really ask the question “Who offers the cheapest AND best web hosting for small businesses” and you would be nearer the mark.

On average most web hosting companies charge between £3 – £5 per month for their hosting, but start reading the small print and then you can see what you are paying for. With some, you receive a basic package, it will certainly host your website no problem, but it could possible limit you to how many email accounts you can have, and read further and you might find that yes, you can have an email account but it is limited to a measly 1mb. No really. 1mb. Receive a few spam emails and a friend sends you a photograph and you have exceeded that immediately and are then looking at an extra cost to upgrade that to something even half useful.

Never mind if you want to install the most common Website platform out there, WordPress. Do you receive MySql servers as part of that basic price? Is there a one-click install? Some will instantly start marking you up on that request alone and you are now paying twice as much as the lowest pruice, and that is before you start looking at the email accounts. All very confusing, irritating and does;t immediately make you feel comfortable does it.

One leading Web Hosting company also charges for back-ups of your website. Again, you hope you will never need this, but if your website was hacked, or something terrible happened you want to be able to reinstall your business website quickly, without fuss, and without cost don’t you.Explore further and you may find that even if the company does provide back-ups, then it is only weekly, not daily.

By this time you are tearing your hair out and wondering why this cannot be simple. Just give me some web Hosting, with emails, a daily backup and no extra charge if I want to install WordPress. Save yourself the hassle, and go to Vidahost. You can see everything you receive here in the image below.

 cloud hosting package

Looking for something more serious?

Not every small business is the same though, and some are after something a little more serious in terms of performance, control and need to run some bespoke software, configured to your personal needs and requirements AND with a personal management team to run this for you.

The next step up from Shared Hosting is to get yourself a Virtual Dedicated Server. We have one. It enables us to manage our website on exactly the kind of configured hosting that we know we need. Let’s say for example you have set yourself up an eCommerce store online. It can have its own operating system, configured perfectly for you and your platform. This is probable best suited to a more bespoke arrangement and you can speak to your website host to set this up for up for you.

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