Google Page Rank Update

Business Website pageRank Increase

Did your site see its PageRank increase?

Well after a long old wait, it seems Google have finally made the last update to their PageRank for 2012. For many of us it’s good news. PageRank has increased which is good for the ego, although not necessarily for your search ranks.

However, an increase in PageRank determines one thing for certain – You are doing things right. In an age of the ‘Penguin’ many sites I have seen have had a drastic reduction, and this is sympomatic of bad practices. If your site has taken a tumble, then it’s time to address the reasons why, as it can be recovered. Now i’m not talking doing a serious overhaul of your SEO, after all off-site SEO is probably something that we should all put on the backburner for a while. What I am looking at is your on-site optimisation.

I manage many websites, and the one over-riding factor I have seen since Penguin is that those sites that have been left untouched off-site are experiencing a pagerank increase. For some of my older sites, where you did work offsite, there has been a mixed bag of results. Some have increased, some have decreased. What I will be addressing though is those that have suffered a drop I will now be taking a fresh look at everything that happened before we had the last major algorythm update.

In no way, shape or form did I ever engage in ‘black-hat’ practices, but we all looked to draw links from external sites, and sometimes we weren’t as vigilant as we should have been in where they came from. Now, we are focusing solely on what we can do on-site, and also with social media. Google+, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Linkedin have all taken the front seat in where we aim our efforts. And this is good. Yes, because it means we are building relationships with people. We cant make links happen, all we can do is engage people to visit, like and recommend our website. And after the initial shock of penguin, I think this is a great thing and should be embraced.